CVS Server at www.icosaedro.it

All the public projects hosted at www.icosaedro.it are here available from the CVS server. You may want to browse the files with your WEB client or access directly the CVS server using a proper CVS client.

Available public projects

A list of the available public project is available here.

Browseable CVS Server

See all the CVS modules hosted here with your WEB browser.

Access to the CVS Server

You may also access the public part of the CVS Server hosted here using the server name cvs.icosaedro.it, user name anonymous, empty password and directory /home/cvs. Usually this can be accomplished by simply setting an environmental variable, then calling your preferred CVS client. Under Linux:

$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous:@cvs.icosaedro.it/home/cvs/repo
$ cvs checkout MODULE

or under Windows:

C:> set CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous:@cvs.icosaedro.it/home/cvs/repo
C:> cvs checkout MODULE


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